Siracusa, located on the Ionian coast of Sicily, has always been home to poets and land of multiculturalism. cities of art of timeless beauty, divided between the old and the new part, is now one of the preferred destinations for those who love history and art. Siracusa also offers a unique natural landscape.

The city extends on a part of the insular, Ortygia, so that is also called “island in the island”. Wonderful scenery that ranges from headlands, beaches and bays up to rivers and nature reserves. Just think of the Reserve Pantalica or Rivers Ciane and Anapo, which offer travelers picturesque landscapes and breathtaking scenery.

Among the itinerary historical monuments worth to visit the necropolis of Pantalica, Pantheon, churches and the famous Park of the Neapolis.
Autoservizi Liuzzo organizes excursions and guided tours to take you to discover Syracuse and the most beautiful natural places of the territory and we offer a guide driver able to guide and inform our customers about the places visited during the driving service.